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PHP Web Developer & Web DesignerSome general information about me and my hobbies

I have been interested in computer science and information technology for quite some time now. I started to learn web development by myself - thanks to internet - 13 years ago (when I was in Year 12), and I uploaded my first dynamic PHP website before the end of my Year 13. I then joined an IT university in order to better understand the vast and complex world of information technology in general, but my passion for web development had never left me during this time. I made a lot of websites and web applications during my Bachelor and Master internships, and I continually improved myself during my own free time. Nowadays I'm proud to be living of my passion; web development has become my job and this website is the result of all these years of experience.


Domain of expertiseSome of my key web development skills

Design & Ergonomics

Design & Ergonomics

Usability and user experience are both essential to the success of a website or application. The design of a website moreover represents the identity of a brand or a product.

Content integration

Content integration

Know how to embed any content on a web site, such as texts, pictures, videos, sounds, advertising, custom Google maps, social network widgets & buttons (like, share, comment), etc.

Google Maps, Social networks
Web Development

Web development

Be able to develop and optimize all the available resources, keep a clear and effective organization to obtain the best performance in development and implementation.

PHP, APIs, JavaScript, AJAX

Database design

Know how to design, manage and optimize relational databases. A well-designed database will greatly optimize development simplicity and clarity, and runtime performances.

MySQL, PhpMyAdmin
Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Develop and act in a way that the content of the website stands out on the internet and can be seen on all well-known search engines.

Organic & Inorganic SEO
Server configuration

Server configuration

Optimize applications configuration files used by a web server to improve performance, reliability and security of a website or a web application.

Apache, PHP, MySQL
Hosting & Domain names

Hosting & Domain names

Know how to host and set up a website on a web server, apply patches, configure domain names and manage related email addresses.

Hosting, DNS, FTP
Performance measurement

Performance measurement

Be able to develop or provide analytical tools for a website in order to better evaluate its performance and to analyse the evolution of its flows of visits.

Google Analytics, AWStats


Technologies & Web languagesSome of my favourite tools as a Web developer


Education and professional career

FR  Permanent position at Ycode (The Remote Company).
• Web developments using Laravel, Vue.js and TailwindCSS.
  2021 - Present
2016 - 2021   UK  Permanent position, Zoological Society of London (ZSL).
• Update of the ZSL Project Database (ZPD) website.
• Update of the Sustainable Palm Oil Transparency Toolkit (SPOTT) website.
• Entire creation of the ZSL Species Planning Tool (SPT) website.
UK  Entire creation of my CV website (this website).
• Personal project : Creation of a website-based bookmark manager.

UK  Update of the website of the company Survie Mer Formation.
• Updating contents and database, adding of new trainings types and pages.
• SEO, new of a Google Adwords campaign, global maintenance of the website.
2014   FR  Contract (3 months), update of the Radigraph website.
• Adding product pages and search engine optimization of the website.
• Updating pages related to the dynamic online quotation form (AJAX).

FR  Creation of a website for Centre de Préparation au Mariage.
• Presentation of the association, online registration, SEO and maintenance.
• Administrative back-office : session management, session dates and registration.

FR  Contract (6 months) with (e-commerce website).
• Implementation of an online payment interface (via the bank "Credit Mutuel").
• Creation of an automatic generation system of printed label for Colissimo.
• Multiple developments, redesign of the display of the sales order process.
FR  SUPINFO Master 2 (Institute of Information Technology).
• SUPINFO courses 3 days a week, 2 days a week devoted to personal projects.
• End-of-university internship (6 months) at, e-commerce website.
• Diploma : International Master of Science (M.Sc.) - IT Expert (Engineer).
  2012 - 2013
2009 - 2011   FR  SUPINFO Bachelor (3 years, Institute of Information Technology).
• 3rd year: Full-time internship (end of year), 3 months at Lexis numérique.
• 3rd year: Part-time internship, 2 days a week at ErDF.
• 2nd year: Full-time internship (end of year), 3 months at CLEO (CNRS partner).
• 1st year: Full-time internship (end of year), 3 months at ErDF.
• 1st & 2nd years: Part-time internship, 1 day a week at ErDF.
• Diploma : Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) - Computer Specialist.

FR  Creation of the website of the CFIST company.
• Presentation of the company, administrative pages, SEO and maintenance.
» The original website has since been updated by another company.

FR  Redesign and integration of contents for the Scam-Marine website.
• Redesign, content integration, administrative pages, SEO and maintenance.
» The original website has since been updated by another company.
FR  "Baccalauréat Scientifique", high-school diploma (A-Level).
• Chevreul-Blancarde High school, in Marseille (France).

FR  Creation of the website of Survie Mer Formation.
• Presentation of the company, online registration, SEO and maintenance.
• Administrative back office : management of courses, course dates and registration.
» I completely updated the website with more modern technologies in 2012.
  2007 - 2008